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Dyan Cotton

Chief Financial Officer

Kelley O'Connor

Vice President Operations

Jim Cobery

General Counsel

Operations And Finance

Sharing the risks, not just the rewards.

The first order of business is to assist mills and customers in controlling expenses and protect them from the impact of market fluctuations. Volatile in nature, international finance requires astute decision-making and familiarity with the idiosyncracies of individual markets. IFP buys and sells in local currencies as well as US dollars, hedging against currency fluctuations. It is well-versed in international banking systems, including the use of letters of credit and bank collections to minimize the risks associated with international transactions. IFP also has extensive relationships with a variety of credit insurance companies providing highly favorable terms and insuring efficient service for customers of all sizes. The company often acts as a financing entity, bridging the gap for customers through extended payment terms. It also will assume the credit risk for sourcing mills, insulating them from financial exposure in foreign territories. With hundreds of millions of dollars in both revenues and assets, the IFP group of companies provides liquidity and strength. This strength, coupled with diligence in reviewing customer credit and access to credit lines at international banks, translates into flexibility for both customers and suppliers.

IFP will continue to improve its technological resources, product diversity, and range of customer services in anticipation of expanding our global presence and increasing our customer loyalty. Now in its third decade, International Forest Products has established customs and traditions that many other paper companies have assimilated into their own corporate culture.