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Wood Fuel Developers and IFP announce exclusive sales and marketing agreement


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Wood Fuel Developers LLC and International Forest Products LLC (IFP) are pleased to announce that IFP has been appointed as the exclusive market and sales partner for Wood Fuel Developers, effective immediately. Wood Fuel Developers, a producer of bagged residential wood pellets located in Waverly, Virginia, is committed to producing a high quality product and is excited about this next step into the growing field of alternative fuels.

“IFP is the right choice for us,” said Christian Boehme, Business Manager at Wood Fuel Developers. “They bring an expansive network of customers to the right level of distribution along with logistical experience and the strong financial presence that we desire for our business. Our customers can rest assured that they will have the same ‘mill-direct’ access to our product that they always had. Additionally, they will have the tremendous market presence and back-office support that IFP brings.”

“We are excited to begin working with Wood Fuel Developers,” said Steve Maneri, IFP’s Director of Solid Wood Products. “Not only do they produce a quality product, but they keep their focus on sustaining the environment and forming relationships with local suppliers who engage in ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing practices, as outlined by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This is a great opportunity for our customers.”

About International Forest Products: Founded in 1972 by Robert Kraft, IFP is a member of the Kraft Group of companies and is one of the largest traders of forest products commodities in the world. IFP provides solutions for sales and marketing, transportation and logistics, and finance for suppliers and converters. Annually, IFP conducts business in more than 80 countries and has subsidiary offices located throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

About Wood Fuel Developers: Wood Fuel Developers LLC, in Waverly, Virginia, has an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons and has become one of the largest wood pellet manufacturers on the East Coast. Since its foundation in 2010, Wood Fuel Developers LLC has streamlined and perfected its production process to produce an all-natural pellet product of premium quality.