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IFP announces hiring of Peter Keyes as Managing Director, Solid Wood Products Division


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – International Forest Products LLC (IFP) is pleased to announce that Peter Keyes has joined its Vancouver, Canada office as Managing Director, Solid Wood Products Division.

Peter has 28 years of experience in the solid wood products industry. His most recent position was as President and CEO of Triton Resources, and he previously served as IFP’s Vice President, Solid Wood Product Operations. Peter’s responsibilities with IFP will include overseeing the company’s well-established solid wood products business, as well as cultivating new opportunities with customers and suppliers.

“We look forward to having Peter re-join our team,” said Daniel A. Kraft, IFP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “His expertise and industry contacts will be invaluable in managing the further development of our business in this sector, and I am confident that IFP’s Solid Wood Products division will continue its rapid growth under Peter’s leadership.”