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IFP announces promotion of Neil Govan to Vice President, European Recyclates


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – International Forest Products Corporation (IFP) is pleased to announce that Mr. Neil Govan has been promoted to the position of Vice President, European Recyclates. In this new role, Mr. Govan will be responsible for managing IFP’s European recycling division, which is focused mainly on recovered fiber and plastics, but also increasingly on energy from waste.


Mr. Govan has been with IFP since 1999 and since that time has excelled in a variety of different sales and marketing roles. In 2001, he started IFP’s UK recovered fiber business from scratch and over the next few years succeeded in building that business unit into one of the UK’s largest fiber export companies.


“Neil Govan is the perfect man to oversee our European recycling program,” said Daniel Kraft, IFP’s President and CEO. “He has been an integral part of this business since its inception in 2001. I am confident that Neil’s creativity and expertise will help continue to grow this business and exceed our expectations in the future.”