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PRESS RELEASE - IFP Hires John Steele


I am very pleased to announce the hiring of John Steele as the General Manager for the Solid Wood Products group. John has grown up in the forest products business and has worked for over 30-years in the industry. Starting at the ‘trainee’ level with MacMillan Bloedel, he has gone on to hold senior-executive marketing roles for blue-chip companies. His exposure to the trade in western Canada is remarkable, active in marketing wood products to virtually the 4-corners of the globe. A proven leader, as well as strategic-thinker, his trademark has been to be ‘ahead of the curve’. John’s exhaustive experience of putting successful business together for all partners in the trade will be his most important contribution to IFP, enhancing our growth and the opportunities for long-term success.

Please join me in welcoming John to the IFP team, his addition to our group is a tremendous asset and we are looking forward to working with him. He begins with us on May 29, 2006, and will be working out of the Vancouver office.



Peter Keyes

Vice President Solid Wood Products