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IFP Lumber – New Hire: Kevin Nibbelink


I am very pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Nibbelink as Sales Manager – Asia Pacific of the Solid Wood Products group.   Kevin has been working in and around the forest products community for many years in a wide variety of sales and marketing roles.   His experience fits into the IFP model of worldwide marketing on many levels, in particular, his direct selling of Canadian products to the Japanese market.  Kevin lived and worked in Japan for 8-years and was exposed to every facet of the use and distribution system.


Kevin will also be heading up the sales for IFP towards the Terrace Lumber Company – recently signed by us for worldwide marketing.   His extensive and exhaustive knowledge and understanding of the Japanese and SE Asian markets make him an ideal candidate for this challenging position.


Please join me in welcoming Kevin to the IFP team.




Peter Keyes

Vice President Solid Wood Products




IFP-Vancouver is also please to announce the signing of a 5-year marketing agreement with the Terrace Lumber Company of Terrace BC.   This modern sawmill was recently acquired by a group of local investors and they have embarked on a strategy to use the attractive capitalization of their investment, and low-cost, high-quality fibre to enter into the coastal sawmill business.   IFP as a marketing partner will be with them every step of the way as they take on this bold initiative.